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Enriching the lives of seniors with the help of domestic animals

Covid 19 has exposed both the necessity for change in the long term care system. Senior care advocates all agree we need to move away from “warehousing” our sick elders and give them enrichment that recognizes people need quality of life in addition to quantity.

Pets can be a huge help in providing a more positive home environment for long term care residents. Facilities may have birds, fish, small caged pets and cats that live with the residents full time. Dogs or other pets may visit long term care facilities with different volunteer organizations.

Pets are proven to reduce measurable stress in people and even improve healing times from illness, surgery, or injury .

Whatever the level of interaction, pets can improve quality of life for the residents and even the employees of long term care and retirement homes.

It is essential that pets in all environments receive regular vet care. If your facility needs to send resident pets to the vet, contact to get them there and safely home.


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Veterinary-trained Registered Veterinary Technicians and Animal Care Attendants on board

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